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About the
Sexual Health,
Lifestyle and
Program (SHLiRP)

(SHLiRP) is a collaboration between Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) and the Canberra Sexual Health Centre, located at the Canberra Hospital, that brings sexual health screening clinics, and sexual health/sexuality education to secondary colleges in the ACT.

The SHLiRP Program team visits up to five ACT Government secondary colleges per year to offer sexual health education and information and in-school clinic to offer screening for sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and blood-bourne viruses (BBVs). Each cohort of Year 11 & 12 students will get an opportunity to participate at least once during their time at college.

The Program works on a voluntary model, students are all encouraged to attend the health education session, and are then offered the opportunity to participate in a clinical consultation. Students aged 15 years are required to provide parental consent to participate in the consultation. Otherwise, participation and results are kept strictly confidential. Young people enjoy the same right to privacy about their use of health services as other community members.

SHLiRP's successful model has been operating with the support of ACT Government Health Directorate and Education & Training Directorate, ACT Government secondary college staff and students since 2004.